Interview: The Skullers talk latest single

The Skullers

The Skullers play their blues-soaked brand of modern rock and roll with a down-to-the-bone rockabilly soul. Hook-filled original tunes written by singer/songwriter/guitarist Jack Skuller could share a playlist with such bands as Black Keys, London Souls or the UK’s Hidden Charms. Live shows prove the band is just as comfortable covering a Little Walters blues swamp as they are playing classic punk from Richard Hell.

Frontman Jack Skuller’s songwriting and musicianship was recognized by the Songwriters Hall of Fame who awarded him the 2014 Holly Prize in tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly. Jack’s 7” single debut at age 14 on indie label Bar/None Records set the stage for an authentic rock and roll teen life. Radio Disney took notice and sponsored a 15 city tour.

Jack Skuller’s past few solo singles on Mint 400 Records have received regular rotation on college radio. It’s only a matter of time before TheSkullers become college radio staples.

The Skullers enter the studio this spring with four time GRAMMY nominated producer Joel Hamilton to record a debut EP planned for release on indie label Mint 400 Records in September 2017. Hamilton has worked with the Black Keys, Highly Suspect, Pretty Lights and Tom Waits among many others.

Check out the band’s latest single Can We Do That Again below!


We caught up with The Skullers in what was their first ever interview, they talk about their latest release, next show, fans and more!
How has the release of ‘Can We Do That Again’ gone?
Jack:  I’ve been very pleased – it seems to really be resonating with people. We were itching to put something out after months of working hard and forming what we are. It feels great.
Gabe:  Pretty great so far! It’s nice to see people thoroughly enjoying the music and tapping their feet, I’ll always be thankful for that. Nowadays most people are stuck on what’s on the radio so it’s nice to see the effect that new music can have.
Luigi: A lot of fun! Especially recording it at my good friend’s studio Skylar Ross. The release has been really exciting for all of us.
Tell us a little bit about the single?
Jack:  We’ve been opening shows with it lately because of its energy. It has elements of dark rockabilly and surf music that I love, and it’s fun to play.
Can you tell us anything about the upcoming EP?
Jack:  We picked 5 songs to record that were audience favorites. I think it’s a really solid, cohesive group of songs for us to break out with.
Luigi: Get ready to dance
How pumped are you for you show at World Cafe Live?
Gabe:  I gotta say I’m pretty excited, that place looks awesome! Love playing a big stage.
Jack:  Completely stoked. We know it’s an awesome place, and we’re even more excited that it’s our Philly debut!
Luigi: Super pumped! And I can’t wait to eat about 10 Philly Cheesesteaks
Are you looking forward to record with Joel Hamilton?
Jack:  Joel is really something else – I’ve recorded with him before and I know he’s a great fit for what we’re trying to accomplish. Studio G is a recording musician’s paradise.
Gabe:  Definitely. Joel’s got some great work under his belt and to be able to work with a producer like him is always an exciting venture. I think the guys and I will have a lot of fun in there.
Luigi: Recording with Joel is going to be great. I’m really looking forward to meeting him and getting to work with him.
What does it mean to you guys when fans listen to your music?
Jack:  We’re a new band, so people giving our music a chance has meant a lot so far. It makes us work harder to try to give them something good. People who have followed my music since I was 13 are also checking out the new project and joining the ride, and that’s really cool to see.
Luigi: It’s a feeling that I can’t even explain, knowing that our music is reaching so many people means a lot to me
If you could work with any artist/band on a new song, who would it be and why?
Jack:  I think it’d be really cool to work with Hidden Charms (up and coming alternative/indie band out of the UK). I hear a lot of my writing style/influence in their music and joining forces could result in some magic, for sure.
Gabe:  I’m a big progressive rock guy and I love the complexity that goes into that type of music so I’d probably say Tool (although I don’t think I could compete with Danny Carey in a million years haha) and/or Coheed & Cambria; one of my all-time favorites. I actually have a Coheed tattoo haha. I’ve also got a man crush on John Mayer and his sweet, sweet tunes.
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Jack:  Receiving the (Buddy) Holly prize as recognition for my songwriting from the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2014.
Gabe:  Giving birth to our bass player Luigi.
What has been your funniest moment at a gig?
Gabe:  A few months ago we were playing a set at Maxwell’s in Hoboken. There was this woman in the crowd who had a few too many and was doing this kind of wild dance in the front of the crowd (think of Elaine from Seinfeld). Everyone was kind of avoiding her and she kept looking in Jack’s direction the whole night. Out of nowhere she just hopped on stage and started coming straight towards me. Thankfully the owner got her off stage before it got out of hand but we all had a good laugh after that. Good times!

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