Interview: Lostboy talks latest music


Sam Pickett is a singer of his dark fairy tales solo project Lostboy but most people don’t know that he was also ex-frontman of dark punk/rock band The Wicked Venetians.

After The Wicked Venetians went on hiatus Sam went in to a musical solitary confinement for over a year. What emerged was a different beast.

Displaying some of the characteristics of a psychopath this individual does not play well with others, preferring to accompany himself largely on guitar, cello and violin, which you will be able to witness in the videos below.

Lostboy recently released live session tracks Velvet , Lilacs and Exit Asylum which are all songs that were written and recorded by the singer and produced by Rob Stanbury at Powerhouse Studios 2017.

You can check out Lilacs below!

We managed to catch up with Sam as he talked about his latest music, performing solo, fans and more!

So how has the release of Lilacs and Exit Asylum (Secret Garden) gone?
I’m very lucky to be working with a great PR person so I’m starting to pickup some interest which is pretty miraculous considering one of the songs sounds like a Gregorian monk choir practice and the other is as miserable as sin!

Tell us a about the songs
I’ve spent a year locked up in the studio tinkering away developing my sound so I wanted to put something out there as soon as possible, an Aperitif hopefully.

Have you got a favourite out of the two?
I can imagine that’s a bit like being asked to pick which is your favourite child. You love them all equally even if one of them is a little s**t! That being said, Lilacs holds a bit of a soft spot for me. After my old band The Wicked Venetians went on ice I was lost, I wrote a terrible novel and the intro to Lilacs appeared in my head whilst I was writing. I went to a charity gig and won an electric guitar and then I ended up in the studio with the song. All sounds a bit Kafka now I look back on it.

Is it different performing solo than being part of a band?
For me personally they’re two wildly different beasts both psychologically and sonicly, as a band there is very much a pack mentality and a certain boldness that comes from that. As a solo artist both in practice and performance it is a far more introverted and exposed scenario. Almost returning to the foetal stage emotionally yet taking to the stage anyway, there’s a different kind of strength in that.

Will there be an EP/ album released this year?
Come hell or high water! The amount and what depends on how much cash I can lay my grubby little hands on.

Have you got many up coming gigs?
I’m a bit of a gypsy at the moment playing here and there whenever I can, whoever will have me. I plan on getting a bit more cohesive, maybe drink less haha. I went to this amazing secret show last night in Shepard’s Bush run by Sofar Sounds, honestly the best acoustic show I’ve ever been to so I’m very much plotting to try and beg, borrow or steal my way in to playing for them!

What has been your proudest moment to date?
Staying alive!?! All joking aside though, I try to avoid pride, comes just before the fall you know.

If you could work with any band/ artist on a new song, who would it be and why?
There’s a singer I really like called Gabriel Bruce that I supported at a show years ago that I really like. I wrote to him the other week for advice and he actually replied with some some incredibly helpful stuff… He’s got this tremendous bass baritone voice and darkly beautiful Cohen-esque lyrics.

What has been the funniest moment on tour?
I haven’t properly toured with this project yet so I’ll be cheeky and steal someone else’s story, I hope he doesn’t mind… I did a show supporting the legend that is Dave McPherson (InMe) right at the end of last year on the final date of his UK tour and after sound check we got chatting. The night before he had gone back to the house of a couple who were at the show, seemed nice enough… until they both stripped off on the sofa and asked him to join them… It was the traumatised 1000 yard stare that accompanied the telling of this story that gave you an idea of what they must have looked like…

What does it mean to you when fans listen to your music?
I’ll let you know when I get some…


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