Everyday Sidekicks Bring The Heavy With ‘Glass House’


Post-hardcore quartet Everyday Sidekicks have unveiled their latest single Glass House, with an accompanying lyric video here. Vocalist Archie Hatfield reveals that the lyrics concern ‘not having a choice in losing someone close to you. It’s a hard time for anyone and I really wanted to reflect on how I felt at the time and how I was coping with it.’ But despite this and their aggressive edge, Everyday Sidekicks aren’t all doom and gloom, with Hatfield commenting that ultimately, ‘it’s uplifting and sounds huge live which is great for the crowd to move to and really get into it.’ Similarly, Glass House is taken from their forthcoming EP Hope due for self-release on 31st March, with the band revealing that the feeling runs deep: ‘Hope to us is a hugely important factor in life.

You constantly have obstacles thrown at you that you need to overcome, times change and sometimes it’s not always good things that come your way.’

‘Without Hope for things to get better, life can get on top of you.’

Completed by Guitarist Tim Brown, Bassist Sam Hughes and Drummer Mat Capper, the post-hardcore crew are aware that their name may be puzzling: ‘Everyday Sidekicks has always been a strange name to people, but to us it’s just a representation of the little guy.

‘We wanted our music to relate to everyone in some way and we feel everyone can relate to the Sidekick in a comic book: never quite being the hero but you’re always there when you are needed, standing by through thick and thin, no matter how tough the road ahead can get.’

Forming from a shared bond of wanting to make music since childhood, the release of debut EP The Things I’ve Seen, led to slots supporting the likes of Marmozets, Slaves (UK) and Coldrain.


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