The Dollyrots Release New Single ‘Dance Like A Maniac’


Continuing the build up to The Dollyrots new album Whiplash Splash, we are delighted to share with you the lyric video for their new single Dance Like A Maniac, as well as the news that the album is streaming in full at the band’s website. If you could share the news of the lyric video and album streaming it would be greatly appreciated.

We are seeking reviews of Whiplash Splash in the build up to the album’s full release on the 24th of March and would love as many of you to express your thoughts on the album as possible.

Not content with the release of just a new single, The Dollyrots have also made the full Whiplash Splash album available to be streamed. A couple of weeks ago, the album was made available to those who took part in the band’s PledgeMusic fundraising campaign (for which anyone who is interested can still participate). Now the album is available to be streamed across the world – but only by visiting The Dollyrots’ official website! In order to hear Whiplash Splash in its full glory, fire up your browser of choice and head over


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