Interview: Hollow World talk new single

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 HOLLOW WORLD, fresh from their support for Fallujah last night, are today unleashing their Zombie-riddled video for savage new track WILDFIRE.

Album EXANIMATE is almost upon us – their new record due for release on Friday March 17th.
Pre-Orders are available from now at the band’s own – – with a tonne of different bundles being made available.

The Video features the band in the world that the message of the EXANIMATE album describes – uninhabitable and harsh, fighting off hordes of Zombies in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. The band perform the track and hold back the beasts for as long as possible but are eventually consumed, The Walking Dead-style.


We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about the single, upcoming album,  proudest moment and more!

So how has the video for Wildfire been since the release?
So far it has had a fantastic reaction! I think that doing a clip as ridiculous as that really made people take notice.
It’s only been a couple of days now and the playcount is getting pretty high pretty quickly.
We have had so much positive feedback about it though, the guys who made it – Miki Simankevicius, Cameron Zayec and Aaron Carroll absolutely outdid themselves, and the whole set had a really fun vibe going on for the entire weekend which really came through in the finished product.
Is zombies, something you are all into?
Not so much. The film crew guys came up with the initial ideas and we definitely weren’t opposed to them.
They wanted to depict this sort of post-apocalyptic image, which does tie in rather well with the album lyrical themes.
The whole zombie idea was just a great injection of fun – and to be honest after making that clip I actually want to go and watch the walking dead.
How pumped are you for the release of EXANIMATE?
As pumped as we have ever been about anything!
We really all have put so much into this album – it has been over 12 months since we started pre-production – and to finally be this close to the finish line… it is such a good feeling. We only got the masters back recently and since then we have all been doing backflips over how good it sounds. It is the first full-length album any of us have put out and I think that definitely adds to the excitement!
Tell us a bit about the album.
So “Exanimate” is a concept album where two storylines intertwine with each other. One story is about a super-virus that exterminates the human race and the other is about the human race being a plague upon the planet that inevitably leads to the planet’s destruction.
The storylines were inherently influenced by my disgust towards our obsession with consumerism and money, and the adverse effects these things have on our existence.
Musically it was very heavily influenced by The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Rivers of Nihil, At The Gates and Fleshgod Apocalypse.
The one thing we were worried about was that it would end up sounding like a worship record – but it really stands up nicely on it’s own merit!
What is your favourite song from the release?
Geez that is hard to call! If I had to pick a favourite song it would probably be “Everything Rots.” That song is just absolutely epic – it fills so much space and that is one element of metal music that has always appealed to me a lot. It was not one of the stand out songs during pre-production but it absolutely came to life on the album!
If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?
That isn’t hard for me to call at all! It would be The Black Dahlia Murder because they are straight up my favourite and most influential band. Not just musically but their attitudes just kick arse! They love having fun as well as playing ridiculous metal – that’s us to a tee!
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Apart from this album being released? It would have to be tearing up the Corner Hotel in Melbourne opening for At The Gates in October 2015. It was a bucket list kind of show for all of us and the fact that the place was packed and pumping for the first band really made us proud as punch. That show was definitely the best moment that I’ve had live with the band.
Will there be a tour with the release of the new album?
Absolutely – we are touring all around Australia late March and most of April in support of “Exanimate” and plan to follow up with (hopefully) some international touring! There will definitiely be lots of Australian shows in support of it though!
What were your first gigs you guys attended?
I can’t speak on behalf  of the other guys – but my first ever gig was an all ages show (when I was 12) the had a nu-metal band called Sunk Loto headlining along with a Ska band called Area-7 at my local basketball stadium. I was hooked from then on and did my best to go to a show every weekend where possible. Not long after I discovered local shows and hit as many of those as I could. The first international gig I ever went to was Millencolin in Melbourne in 2002. That was one of those huge nights where a bunch of 14 year olds went and saw this band, hardly slept and rolled into school the next day nearly two hours late and dressed in band merch. One of my fondest memories.

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