Interview: Friend of Gods talk latest release

Friend of God

Friend Of Gods is an experimental math-rock 3 piece from Athens, Greece. They like weird harmonies and melodies, uncomfortable rhythm patterns and mixing everything together, to create something unique.

We managed to catch up with guitarist/vocalist Mike, drummer Tsi and Bass player Elias  as they talked about the latest release, music scene in Athens, proudest moment and more!


How has the release of ‘You Gotta Look Good In This Fuckin Business’ gone so far?

Hello & thanks for having us! The release of our second EP has gone pretty well so far, considering it has only come out digitally. The first and most important thing is that we are extremely happy with it. We consider this a step forward for us as a band, and find that it is much more focused as far as songwriting and production is concerned. We have gotten really good reviews so far and people react really well when we play these new songs live. Right now we’re focusing on promoting the album as much as we can. We’ve got a video clip ready for the final track which will be released soon, and a proper tour is being organised towards the end of the year, which also means you can expect a physical release some time soon.


What is your favourite song from the album?


It’s hard to choose. It’s our new album, so we pretty much like all of them right now. Also for us, the whole EP is like one big song, so we can’t single-out one in particular. It’s weird because it’s not a concept album. There’s no continuing theme or something. But the way it has been recorded, the flow of the album and its duration (20 minutes) make it easy for the listener to hear it from beginning to end.

Would you say this is different from your first release?

It’s definitely different because we are different. Our previous album “Mad Music For The Apes” is a lot more chaotic and that’s because we were much more chaotic during the recording process, which by the way was complete HELL. We were very excited and impatient and eager and a lot of things were rushed. It’s an album that is all over the place, because we were all over the place. We will always love it because it is our first, but we also learned a lot from the mistakes we made during that album. This time around, with “You Gotta Look Good In This Fuckin Business”, we were much more focused. We knew exactly what we wanted to achieve before entering the studio. The recording process at was smooth and we had a lot of fun making it. The songwriting is better, our sound is better and the performance from all three of us is much much better. We hate to use this word because it is completely inappropriate when it comes to our band but yeah… it’s a much more MATURE album then the previous one.

How much does it mean to you when you see people listen to your music?

It means the world to us. We sacrifice a lot to keep this band going. We know our music is not easy to listen to and digest, so when someone gets excited with our band we feel complete. Sometimes, as people, we need a reason to keep going. For any artist, we feel it is the same. You’ re always communicating something in art, and you can’t communicate by yourself, you need an audience. It doesn’t matter how many, it could be one person, it could be millions. And especially for a band like us, it’s not like someone looks at the cover of rolling stone magazine and sees our band name on it. If for some reason you have come across our music, that means you did a lot of work to get here and that to us is very rewarding.

What is the music scene like in Athens?

Blossoming like never before. Ever since the crisis hit, the complete art scene in general has evolved. There are many successful Greek bands touring around the globe in many genres right now. But there is also a huge amount of newer bands coming out with amazing talent. Musicians have gotten better, more bands tour abroad, more albums are being noticed worldwide, more live venues have opened. Right now we’ve reached the point where everyday there is 1, sometimes even 2 or more shows going on simultaneously and you have to choose where to go, which is pretty hard because they’re all good.


If you could work with any band on a new song, who would it be and why?

Right now, at this moment, we would choose our good friends Rita Mosss. They are a unique punk duo from our city. When we first listened to their music, we were completely blown away and we knew we had to meet them. Now we’ve toured with them and we are really close. We don’t play the same kind of music but our approach to music is the same. It would be very interesting to see our two drummers collaborating. So check em’ out. That’s RITA MOSSS, with three S. Don’t forget the three S part.

What has been your proudest moment to date?

We’ve always said that making music in this time and age is like having a black hole next to you where you keep putting time and money and effort in it, with no particular guarantee that you will get anything back. Every time we put our hands in our pockets nowadays we find nothing in there but tobacco leftovers. We are proud of the sacrifices we have all made personally to keep this band going. We managed to make 2 records with 2/3 of the band without a job and no income at all. We have really bled in every single step we have made so far. That’s what makes us proud.

Will there be a tour soon?

Like we said in the beginning we are working on that right now. Our goal is to leave for Europe during the end of the year, going to as many places as we possibly can to promote this EP. We have no manager and no booking agent, so things take time, but we always get things done. We’re not good at organizing. We’re good at getting things done.



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