Live Review: Kings of Leon at Birmingham’s Genting Arena

Kings of Leon 1.jpg
Concerts like Kings of Leon are the ones I enjoy the most! By Isabelle Pollock. Those concerts where the band purely focus on the music. The ones where the passion and love for the music they’re playing touches everyones hearts and souls in the arena. The ones where you feel at home and you never want to leave and don’t want the night to the end.
These are the concerts that I live for….
The Nashville Southern bluesy rock band formed of brothers Caleb Followhill (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan Followill (drums, backing vocals), Jared Followill (bass, backing vocals) and their cousin Matthew Followill (Lead guitar, backing vocals) are known for their well recognisable 5 syllable records titles, iconic creatively designed artwork covers, 7 sensational albums filled with stunning bluesy, folky rock guitar and bass riffs, compelling drum intro’s and riffs and dominant husky vocals.
The arena lights start to dim down.The curtain slowly begins to rise, and red lights and smoke illuminate the stage.The lads start to walk closer to the front of the stage, as they play the intro to ‘The End’.
 Everyone screams and cheers for the wonderful band, including myself, and we were all completely unaware of the magical, phenomenal 27 setlist concert we were about to encounter.
Kings of Leon 2.jpg
 From a choice of 7 brilliant albums, it must have been hard to choose this final setlist, but they certainly picked many of their best tracks including some old classics and favourites of mine such as ‘Molly Chambers’, ‘The Bucket’, ‘Sex On Fire’, ‘Use Somebody’, ‘On Call’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Pyro’ and some stunning tracks of their latest album WALLS including ‘Find Me’, ‘Reverand’ and ‘Waste A Moment.’
Another reason what I loved about the concert was that they didn’t talk much inbetween the songs.Like…Why would you even want to keep stopping and talking, especially when it only 2 hours set and you have over 7 albums?! And certainly if you had individual talents like all the lads, all you’d want to do is showcase them and perform and play as much loved songs to your fans and the lads certainly succeeded in doing so and making their fans unbelievably happy.
 A superb band, who certainly do not disappoint! If anything, you’ll be leaving the arena wanting to hear more. Full of classic bluesy rock and musical talent, you’ll be spending hours, days after the concert listening to their music and appreciating the variety of music they have created and shaping the modern indie/bluesy rock ‘n’ roll scene.

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