Interview: The Magic Es talk latest single

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English rock n’ roll band The Magic Es have released their new single Running Scared via Oh Mercy! Records. The anthemic new release follows previous singles Colour Up My World and Melody Jane, which received acclaim and airplay from BBC Introducing, XS Noize, One On One Music, Amazing Radio and BBC Norfolk. Since forming in 2014, The Magic Es have been busy. All lifelong musicians with world tours, top 40 singles and a wealth of musical experience under their belts, the boys came together after a chance meeting at a wedding led to them finding common ground in the simple pleasures of classic records and punkish rock n’ roll. Running Scared lands just before the release of their debut LP.
The Magic Es will be releasing It Goes On, their debut album, on 28th April, and the band will be playing shows and festivals this Spring and Summer.


We managed to catch up with the band as they talk about their latest single, support, proudest moment and more!

 So how has the single ‘Running Scared’ gone down so far?
The feedback has been great, we’re really pleased with the response from radio and the wider music press. We’ve seen a lot more response from abroad too, specifically in Europe; it’s nice to see our music travelling! We recorded the video during a big homecoming show towards the end of 2016 so naturally everyone who was at the gig was keen to see the video; it’s gained a lot shares – everything helps! The video was directed by Donovan Jones and we couldn’t be happier; especially with the smoke and confetti bombs! We’ve had a lot of people get in touch – it’s all been very positive!
Tell us about the track!
The track has been in our live set for over a year but existed as a song for a lot longer. Once we got in the rehearsal room and Stuart and Jasper got the drum and bass parts pumping it didn’t take long to finish it. It’s probably obvious from the lyrics that the song is about a relationship going bad; I certainly find it easier writing about the darker sides of life than the happier sides sometimes!
How would you say this is different from Colour Up My World and Melody Jane? 
It’s more of a rhythmic driven all out rock song than the others. From a recording point of view it certainly has a little more production than Colour Up My World and Melody Jane. They both had a  darker, trashier feel; they didn’t need much tinkering with in the studio. Running Scared has a lot more mood to it so we took our time with how we wanted the drums and bass to sound as the song progressed; those instruments are very much the driving force so they needed to keep the listener engaged. There is a lot more to the structure of the song, more nuances, especially the breakdown of the middle section before it comes back, all guns blazing, to a great crescendo. We are fortunate to have our own studio so when it came to mixing and overdubbing we had the chance to take our time and get it right.
What’s it like getting support from the likes of BBC Introducing? 
Being able to say you’ve been played on BBC Introducing is good from a promotion and opportunity point-of-view, it shows that your music is making it into the right peoples hands and that they are on board enough to play it on a program known for supporting independent music. Although any support we get is great; we’ve had a lot of radio stations and music journalists who’ve been with us right from the beginning and that means a great deal to us too – they took a chance on a band that no ones heard of and gave us airplay or interview. It’s a hard industry to progress in so we really welcome all the support.
How pumped are you about the release of debut album ‘It Goes On’? 
We’re really proud of the album; from the artwork to the tracks, the sequencing of the tracks and even the length of it! It’s a rock ‘n’ roll record from start to finish. It took about 3 months to finish and now we can’t wait for people to hear it. We have a select few people outside of the band who have heard it, we trust their opinion and they have been really positive. If you like melodic guitar rock with a very British feel then you’ll love it. 
Have you got a favourite track from this LP? Why? 
We’re all fans of the closing track Innocence; It’s got a 90’s indie/Stone Roses feel to it. It’s always the last song in the set; it’s great to play live and we have really captured the feel of it on record. Lyrically it’s about the press and media and hidden agendas. It was written several years ago but it always seems to have a relevance to the current headlines
Will there be a tour to go with the album?
We have a 4-date UK tour in April which will lead up to the album release and we have a number of other headline shows and festival appearances throughout the year. All dates can be found on our website at
What has been your proudest moment to date as a band?
Probably our proudest moment would be our first London gig; we played to great crowd in front of some seasoned music industry folk and the feedback we got was excellent. It’s meant we’ve got a lot more offers to play in the capital which we’re very excited about.
If you could work with any band or artist on a new song, who would it be and why?
Noel Gallagher for his knack of writing anthems that defined a generation or Paul Weller because he’s an absolute legend. If we could get Warren Huart in the production chair then I think we’d be on to a winner!

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