Interview: Revenant Dead talk upcoming album


Out from the depths of the industrial city of Birmingham (England,UK) which holds a very rich  metal history,formed a group which puts their own take on the genre, bringing in modern sounds from other styles of music to the mix, such as metal, rock, industrial, and electronic music. The band has always aimed to work with renowned industry professionals to create a strong brand, with strong media assets. They have worked with Steve Gerrard (Photographer), and Gustavo Sazes (Artwork for Two Evils), and hired a design agency to create their band logo. To record their first two albums, they self funded the recordings at Robannas Studios (Birmingham), and Two Evils  was mastered at ‘Oasis Mastering’ in Burbank,California. Revenant Dead released their first full-length CD I.R.M.

The band are West Addams – Vocals, Aydin Guner – Guitars, Theo Lawrence – Drums / Electronics and Corey Pyatt – Bass.

Check out their new single The Rising Phoenix below!

We managed to catch up with front man West Adams as talked about the upcoming album, favourite song from the release, first ever gig he went to and more!

So how pumped are you for the release of Heroes Without Villains?
Very; It’s been such a ride, the whole writing and recording process, hearing each song come together…

Can you tell us a little bit about the release?
The album is written around the theme of ‘right’, and how it’s just the perspective of an individual that deems it so. Like in a war; both sides claim to be fighting for all their right reasons, their ideals, their God, believing they are the Heroes in the conflict – so if both sides are the ‘good guy’, who is the ‘bad guy’?

What is your favourite song from the album?

If I had to pick ‘just’ one track… There’s one track on the album I think has had more repeat plays on my iPod, a song called F.I.N.E. It’s got this heavy, almost altered state feel… It’s our Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ – a track you can let go of your grip on the world and really lose yourself in.

How has the band gone down with fans so far?
The response has been incredible, really positive. They dig what we’re doing and have really hung onto our sound, always enthusiastic at gigs and creating this synergy of energy that we feel can on stage and see in their emails. It’s quite a trip.

So will there be a tour at all with the release?

 I can’t say too much right now, but things are happening. Just watch this space for now…

How much does it mean to you guys when you see people listening to your music?
 It’s weirdly satisfying and humbling at the same time. Like, you wrote the song maybe…3 years ago, about this thing that happened in your life way back when, and then here’s someone who not only digs the music but knows the words, the riffs, when the cymbal comes in ‘here’ and the bass slide happens ‘there’… It’s something else, for sure.

What was the first ever gig you guys went to?
 Iron Maiden, somewhere in London. It was also the first time I saw an obese chap in red cycling shorts play air guitar for 2 and half hours straight… Yeah, it was…an experience.

What’s the favourite venue you’ve ever played at?
Definately the O2. It just has this sense of ‘yeah, THIS is it’ about it.

What’s the rock scene like in Birmingham?
Quite healthy compared to what it used to be a while ago, things have really started to happen throughout the venues, and the bands coming up are hitting some very high marks with regard to quality, really know how to work the crowd and generate that ‘buzz’ you want to feel at a gig.

What has been your funniest moment to date as a band?
The recording of the second album had…’moments’ that, looking back, were quite funny, but at the time were a pain in the ass. Without ‘naming names’ lets just say I have never before or since seen one take of a bass track need over 5 hours,  the guitarist, the drummer AND THEN the engineer stepping in to get right…

Heroes Without Villains is available to pre-order now with two instantly available tracks!


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