Jesse Eplan Releases ‘Dreams’ Music Video


Merrick, NY (February, 2017) — Having recently released his brand new solo debut single Dreams at the end of 2016, Singer/Songwriter and Producer Jesse Eplan has dropped the brand new video for the track co-starring The Frankel Sisters’ own Lianne Frankel. Discovering a knack for music at the tender age of 7 and polishing his immaculate voice playing in local bands throughout Long Island, the young star is showing not only has powers as both an artist and producer, but a charming playboy in the video produced by D-City Studios.

Jesse Eplan’s music consists of genres anywhere from hip-hop to pop and R&B. Being able to blend them in a unique way and make it his own has come from years of immersing himself in music. Having first heard Led Zeppelin, ACDC, The Beatles and many of the world’s top music revolutionaries, this influenced him to start playing any instrument he could get his hands on, and he later began performing in bands as a lead singer, drummer and lead guitar player.

With Dreams, not only is his production knowledge easily visible–with a smooth yet soulful Pop/R&B vibe set to a hallucinatory backbeat–but his range and penetrating voice immediately comes to the forefront. As Jesse Eplan continues to thrive by making songs and collaborating with new and like-minded artists, his music is sure to speak volumes as it inspires others as much as it does himself.


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