Interview: Skies Collide talk new single

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Australian band Skies Collide have today released the video for Run Wild and have revealed that they have ‘more material up our sleeves’.
The track was originally premiered on Kerrang Radio UK’s ‘Fresh Blood’ by Alex Baker who said ‘We go to Australia now for a three piece who are fronted by the haunting vocals of a lady called Brittany Wilson. It’s atmospheric rock of the highest order, from the Sunshine Coast. This is a band called Skies Collide.’
The band have played alongside: Mayday Parade, Emarosa, Lydia, Hands Like Houses and more! They consist of Brittany Wilson, Liam Woods and Josh Vickers. Check out the new music video below!
 We managed to catch up with Skies Collide as they talked about the single, new music, talks of a tour and much more!
So how pumped are you for the release of ‘Run Wild’?
It’s been ages since we have released anything, so we really can’t wait to put this song out there and we’re itching to see what the response is like.
Tell us a bit about the song
At the time we were writing the song we were listening to a lot of dark synth driven music like The Weeknd and Halsey. We kind of combined that influence with our existing love of post hardcore, and Run Wild was the end product!
In terms of what the song is about, simply put it’s about insecurities. Throughout ‘Run Wild’ the lyrics refer to a paranormal entity haunting and stalking a victim and that entity is a metaphor for things like anxiety and jealousy. It’s everything we worry about that’s made up in our heads that just hurts us and those around us.
How much went into making the video for this song?
A lot of planning, all mainly by our bud David from Her Name Is Murder Productions who is currently based in Europe. The guy is a genius and we love him loads.
Since we all have crazy schedules with work we had to shoot the clip over 3 nights, which was tiring but so fun! The best part was probably filming with a python. That was a first!
Will there be an EP or Album to accompany the new single?
We don’t want to give too much away just yet but we definitely have more material up our sleeves!
What has it been like playing alongside the likes of Hands like Houses and Mayday Parade in your past?
Hands Like Houses was crazy for us at the time because we were so new and they are a band we really look up to. They were such lovely and humble people too so it was an incredibly beneficial experience for us.
Mayday Parade was our biggest show to date so that was insane, we got a great response from that show and we’re so grateful for it.
Will there be a tour at all soon?
Definitely! We are always scheming, and have a few more announcements to come
What has been your proudest moment to date?
Probably a tie between writing and recording the aforementioned new material and being lucky enough to play at Eaton’s Hill, which is one of the best and biggest venues in our hometown.
If you could work with a band on a new song, who would it be and why?
It would be really cool to work with a band like CHVRCHES. The electronic music they write is super catchy so it would be a lot of fun to collaborate on that level.
What has been the funniest moment to date while on tour?
Probably when our guitarist Josh needed to answer the call of nature when we were driving in the middle of nowhere so we had to stop at a drop dunny (that’s Australian for a hole in the ground with a shed around it basically). The smell was so putrid that none of us could get near it without almost vomiting but Josh was so desperate that he had to bravely go in. So us being lovely friends just yelled obscenities at him and threw rocks at the shed during his ordeal. Good times!
What were your first gigs you ever went to ?
Britt: Taste of Chaos 2007
Liam: Linkin Park, Minutes to Midnight tour
Tevin: Heroes for Hire
Josh: August Burns Red and Northlane

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