Album Review: Brutus – Burst

Belgium three piece BRUTUS come out swinging on their debut release Burst by Guy Shankland. Death metal drums, Maiden esque riffs, a motoring bass and some shouty melodic female vocals. Stefanie the drummer hit’s those skins with such ferocious force it’s a wonder she is able to sing anything let alone handle the lead vocals. March begins the aural assault as it rises, pauses and then rattles the eyes from your sockets. The fast paced opening leads you into the bands first single All Along. It kicks ‘n’ spits with Punk attitude, raspy vocals and a riff that Scott Ian would be proud of. Not Caring goes so full Death Metal its almost Norwegian. While the pace slows for Justice De Julia ll  which tries way to hard to be atmospheric as it lucky dips in and out of Metal genres. Drive is a superb, well crafted song it motors along as the band surf a rhythm slip stream . Looking For Love On Devil Mountain, Crack/Waste and a forgettable Horde 11 all follow the same mix n match Metal path. Brutus have delivered a debut of power, melody and force which repeatedly attacks the senses. An intriguing first album.

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