Interview: The Ultraviolet talk upcoming EP


Lincolnshire four-piece The Ultraviolet recently unveiled plans for their debut EP The Tales of Our Youth to be released on March 21st. This will be the band’s newest music since the release of their debut single Wake Up Dead last year. With a sound that can most accurately be described as Alternative Rock with a dash of Pop-Punk, The Ultraviolet’s  The Tales of Our Youth is all about the band establishing themselves with a distinct yet accessible brand of music. The Ultraviolet have also announced that they’ll be supporting the release with an extensive UK tour in March. You can check out All I Need Is To Be Needed below!

We managed to catch up with guitarist Sam Beck as he talked about the upcoming EP, upcoming tour, first gig attended and more!

So with the new EP ‘The Tales of Our Youth’ about to drop next month, how pumped are you to release this?

We’ve been looking forward to this for a while now. We actually finished recording the EP last May so to finally have some material to show everyone is great for us. We hope all of our hard work with this release comes across to everyone who buys and listens to it.

Tell us a little about the EP

We actually started recording recording the EP back in 2015. We recorded 3 songs which were ‘Wake Up Dead’, ‘I Wrote You A Letter’ and ‘Signal Flare’ and planned to release them alongside 2 other songs we had previously recorded the year before. However, we felt we had since written stronger songs which would complement the other 3 more appropriately so we went back to the studio about 9 months later and recorded ‘You’re Better on Your Own’ and ‘All I Need Is To Be Needed’. This is the main reason it has taken so long to release! Some of the songs are based on past experiences, some good, some bad. Sharing these experiences in song form accompanied with our musical style is really the essence of this EP. We want to connect with listener.

What is your favourite song from the release?

My favourite song on the EP is probably ‘Wake Up Dead’. The light and dark of the verse and chorus really stand out for me. I feel lyrically it is our strongest song with the bridge in the middle being the hardest hitting part of the song.

You also have a tour coming up in March, what venue are you looking forward to most?

Obviously we are looking forward to them all and generally getting back out on the road again. However, the show we are playing at Lincoln through BBC Introducing is looking to be a fantastic night. We’re really looking forward to our date in London at the New Cross Inn too. We’ve met and played with loads of other fantastic bands down there so I’m sure this wont be any different. And of course, our big hometown show in Boston!

If you could work with any artist or a band on a new song, who would it be and why?

I love a lot of the sonic aspects of  the latest Bring Me the Horizon album. To work with them and incorporate that into our sound would really be something different for us.

What were your first gigs that you attended?

I remember going to watch a band called Agnostic Front in Peterborough when I was quite young. I remember seeing the mosh pits that were happening in this tiny venue and being blown away by how much the crowd were loving their performance.
What has been your proudest moment to date?

The response we’ve received from the all the music we have released. Although our discography is still quite small, the response and support we’ve received from our releases has been crazy!

What is the rock scene like in Lincolnshire?

There’s loads of great bands around the area, however there seems to be lack of music venues as the years go on. Especially with the closure of ‘The Axe & Cleaver’ in Boston. Now that’s gone there is pretty much no where for original bands to play in the town.

So apart from music, have you guys got any other passion?

I (Sam) have a keen interest in music production and am currently studying it at Lincoln University. It would be great to work with more artists on their music.



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