Lostboy Releases The ‘Lilacs’ & ‘Exit Asylum’ Tracks


Sam Pickett is a singer of his dark fairy tales solo project Lostboy but most people don’t know that he was also ex-frontman of dark punk/rock band The Wicked Venetians.

After The Wicked Venetians went on hiatus Sam went in to a musical solitary confinement for over a year. What emerged was a different beast.

Displaying some of the characteristics of a psychopath this individual does not play well with others, preferring to accompany himself largely on guitar, cello and violin, which you will be able to witness in the videos below.

The following live session videos featured are the tracks Velvet , Lilacs and Exit Asylum which are all songs that were written and recorded by Lostboy, produced by Rob Stanbury at Powerhouse Studios 2017.


Exit Asylum (Secret Garden)


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