GHOULS set to release ‘Seasonal Affective’


London-based punk rock quintet, GHOULS, are striding into 2017 with their brand new single, Seasonal Affective out Friday 24th February via 1471 Records.

The song was recorded in Spring 2016 by Dan Lucas at Anchor Baby Recording Company and mastered by Oli Morgan at Fluid Mastering.

Coming from a range of different musical backgrounds, the band has never bowed down to specific genre restrictions or a scene of any sort- they simply pride themselves on making original, stand-out music that gives them the possibility to tour the world.

‘We aren’t bothered where we’re placed or how you categorize us as a band, only that you notice that we’re unique and offer something for those who stand out and feel they are different from the rest of the ‘crowd’.’ says frontman Benedict Goold.

GHOULS pride themselves on being an inclusive family. As individuals they never found themselves fitting into particular scenes or crowds, instead creating their own gang of misfits.
‘We are a family that extends wider than the 5 band members of the band; from the people who come to our shows, listen to our songs, to the people who have driven us around, put us up, fed us, gave us a home for a few hours – we’re all family. Ghouls stand for the people who don’t fit in, and perhaps don’t want to fit in, the people that just want to be themselves.’

GHOULS have cemented themselves as mainstays on the UK and European circuit, where their relentless touring ethic has seen them hit every corner of the continent, including leading festivals, such as 2000Trees, Jera On Air, The Secret Garden Party, Mighty Sounds, Hit The Deck and more. 2016 saw more milestones in the band’s plans for world domination; a two-week tour of the USA, including an appearance at THE FEST in Gainesville, Florida, and a massive Brixton Academy show as part of the Fireball Fuelling The Fire Tour.

The GHOULS journey started in 2013 and has been backed up by a pair of impressive releases to date. The release of debut album ‘Ten Thousand Words On’ saw Ghouls sell-out The Monarch in Camden, attended by a raft of fans, including Frank Turner, who continues to speak of his admiration for the promising young act. Everything that the band has achieved today has been through DIY means and testament to the bands sheer determination to make things work.

‘If you want something or you want to do something, don’t wait for it to happen, go and make it happen, even if you make mistakes’ continues, Benedict Goold ‘We have found family and friends in people all across the world all because we decided we just wanted to.

‘We never waited for anyone to help us make those things happen, and yes we’ve made and learnt from mistakes but that’s how you grow – it’s what makes life exciting.

‘Go out and do it. Whatever it is. If you need to train for it, then what are you waiting for? Enter the race and train.

‘Take risks. Find the means, whatever it might take, and just go do. Life isn’t forever.’

Seasonal Affective will be released on Friday 24th February on digital download through 1471 Records. Watch a teaser below!

GHOULS on tour:

Feb 25 – Southeast Fest, DIY Space For London, London
Mar 09 – Lady Luck, Canterbury
Mar 10 – Winchester Gate, Salisbury
Mar 11 – Cobblestones – Bridgwater
Mar 20 – O2 Academy 3, Birmingham
Mar 21 – O2 ABC 2, Glasgow
Mar 22 – O2 Academy 2, Newcastle
Mar 23 – O2 Academy 2, Sheffield
Mar 24 – O2 Academy 2, Oxford
Mar 25 – O2 Academy 2, Islington London
Mar 31 – Jh Ekseekwo, Ghent BE
Apr 01 – Le Barabao, Bailleau FR
Apr 02 – ADM, Amsterdam NL
Apr 04 – Cross Club, Prague CZ
Apr 05 – Barrak, Ostrava CZ
Apr 06 – Hranicar Usti, Usti Nab Labem CZ
Apr 07 – Stoned, Leipzig DE
Apr 08 – Rulps, Munich DE
Apr 16 – The Rolleston, Swindon
Apr 17 – The Underground, Plymouth


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