Trojans release video for single Mark of the Crown


Two weeks ago, Sydney’s up-and-coming heavy outfit Trojans dropped single Mark of the Crown  featuring a guest vocal appearance from Aversions Crown’s vocalist Mark Poida – and announced the release date and pre-order details for their EP, The Blissful Hollow. Today they are releasing the lyric video for the track – and a bumper tour alongside Victoria’s MIRRORS and Queensland’s AS PARADISE FALLS – a three-way release tour that sees them all dropping HEAVY AF music at the moment and headlining their own state’s shows in a ‘STATE OF ORIGIN’ style tour.  Check out the new video below!

The Sydney outfit yesterday released the Lyric Video exclusively through ATTILA Frontman’s new online endeavour, THESICKEST.CO to a massive response, with vocalist Jesse Vanderhurst stating ‘We are so stoked to get this video and the EP out into the world and to have it featured via Fronz’ new site is huge – we couldn’t be more happy and stoked that a tonne of people are checking out our music as a result!’

The Lyric Video allows more clarity and focus on the lyrics and their meaning in the song. ‘Mark of the Crown is a song about the displacement of wealth and power in today’s society.

‘Far too often those born into wealth and privilege choose to further increase their already immense wealth instead of using their position to better mankind and help those less fortunate.

‘We see the false smiles of our politicians promising the world with no intention of coming through with their lies, yet people eat it up, probably stemming from that inherent need or naive belief that someone will come along and be fighting for the little guy.

‘Unfortunately that rarely is the case, and with each new leader or person in a position of power, we as a people get pushed just that bit more down. Mark of the Crown is also about hope and a warning of times to come.

‘Eventually people will snap, revolt, and destroy the system, that in its infancy was put in place ‘for the people by the people’ but has become so twisted and toxic along the way.’



Friday March 24th – Melbourne 18+
Last Chance Rock N Roll Bar

Saturday March 25th – Melbourne AA
Wrangler Studios

Friday March 31st – Newcastle 18+
Hamilton Station Hotel

Saturday April 1st – Sydney 18+
Bald Faced Stag

Sunday April 2nd – Wollongong AA
Mix N Mosh II – Towradgi Surf Life Saving Club

Saturday April 7th – Brisbane 18+


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