Interview: Season of Ghosts talks new music

Season of Ghosts.png
Season of Ghosts (photo from her official Facebook page)

Season of Ghost, real name Sophia Aslanides, is currently working on new music after the release of her latest album Human Paradox being a success. The beautiful singer works alongside Ghost Legion (session members): Zombie Sam – guitar, Paul Dark Brown – bass and Max Buell – drums. Sophia’s project is described as a spiritually groundbreaking, intergalactic music project,with massive riffs,harsh electronics & compelling vocals,through the spectrum of a sci-fi movie. This is certainly described well with her latest album and you can really see this in Dream, Paralysis below.

I managed to catch u with Sophia for an interview about the project, new music, fans and more!

So what’s been like since forming this project?
Well, I could say SoG has come a long way. In the beginning I intended this to be an electronic side project, but eventually it ended up being my main thing. I couldn’t be happier about that! SoG gave me the chance to challenge myself once again and tap into sides of my creativity I never knew existed. In that sense, I sometimes feel a little proud of myself, for conquering my fears and insecurities.

Are you working on new music?
I’m currently in the process of making a second album! I don’t think it’s going to be a concept album like The Human Paradox, more like separate stories, which, however, are always part of a whole. I think the new album is going to be more powerful as a sound comparing to The Human Paradox, which had a large variety of atmospheres. I’m a
notorious geek, though, so I might end up with a concept album again, who knows! *laughs*

How was AKON 27?

A-KON was a blast! It was my second time there as an artist, although it was the first with Season of Ghosts. Always a pleasure performing for A-KON and Texas fans in general! I had a ton of fans who had watched my show there 5 years ago and turned up half a decade later to see me again…so moving! The people in Texas are so warm, friendly, genuine. I feel Dallas like home, honestly. A-KON in particular, is a very well organised convention and takes place in the most epic hotel ever, Hilton Anatole, Dallas. It’s well worth the visit.

What’s it like going on tour and having some great musicians to back you up?

Especially comparing to my previous experience, it feels like a gush of fresh air! *laughs* I couldn’t believe it the first time we rehearsed with Ghost Legion, in other words Zombie Sam, Paul Dark Brown and Max Buell. All three of them are people who are trained to perform like machines. Professional touring musicians with a long experience. Essentially, I’m the one with the shortest experience, but the guys help me evolve and give me precious insight and constructive criticism I wouldn’t have otherwise.

It’s sad to think about, but my previous band didn’t care to teach me anything about the stage. I didn’t even know how to use the mic or the monitors and no one offered a helping hand. I often ended up sounding off-tune, because I couldn’t hear myself at concerts, so embarrassing. I was a Manager backstage, but I was a newbie with zero experience on stage and somebody had to show me around. Apparently no one cared enough *laughs*

What’s your music background before the band?
Well, thanks to my grandpa who is a multi-instrumentalist and advanced music theory teacher, I started playing the improvising on the piano from a very young age, probably round 4. That’s why music has always been something really natural and omnipresent in my life, although I never considered it as a profession; not until much much later. I took electric guitar lessons for about 5-6 years and around the same time I started taking essons on contemporary singing, just cos I thought it was so embarrassing to do. It was a personal challenge. I wanted to stop my phobia of exposure to the crowd. So when the invitation to join my old band in Japan came, I accepted with reluctance. I didn’t know how I’d make it work, but I was determined to create a way for myself and be bigger than my problem.

What would you say to fans that go to your gigs and listen to your music?
I’d ask them to take good care of themselves, adopting a healthy lifestyle inside and out. Also, when faced with a choice, my advice is to always choose from a place of love, not from a place of hate or fear. That’s especially important at this moment in human history. Fear and hate are the worst guides and can lead you to very dark places. Know how to shield yourselves from evil, but never choose hate and avoid making life choices based on fear. Oh and adopt a stray animal today, they’re life- savers!


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