EP Review: Youth Killed It’s Welcome to the Sad Boy’s Club

Youth Killed It
Youth Killed It (photo from their official Facebook page)

Previously known as Under The Influence, Youth Killed It were born out of a want to change the sound of the music without changing the name, essentially starting again – Writes Darren Hardie. It is something that takes a lot of guts, to leave everything you achieved over the last 5 years and move on to a totally new sound but Youth Killed It have absolutely nailed it.

Having spoke to the band, we know that they have spent the last 15 months mastering their sound and having went through roughly 10 or 15 songs they were not content with.

Youth Killed It went on to say : ‘The record was actually written within the space of a week and recorded the following week, we recorded 10-15 songs previous to that but didn’t feel they had the right amount of special ‘sauce’ to be the first release.

‘So I would say a year and half of grafting our new sound has caused these songs to flow out promptly and naturally.’

‘The sound, we grew up a little (questionable) became slightly better musicians and decided it was time to put a 5 year past as a different sound not behind us but to class it separately.

‘The name Youth Killed It came from top notch van banter that ended me loosing a fight to convincing the boys to name the band “Dirty Murph & The Boys.’

What we have is 4 songs that are genuinely fun, creative and different. Combining the modern indie sound of bands such as Arctic Monkeys with a more rock based chorus’ along with rap styled fast vocals we get a very unique and fun sound.

If you like Marmozets and want something to keep you entertained while they work on their latest effort then this could be the band for you. From opener Popstar through to closer Soul Trader we are treated to an enjoyable experience of bouncy guitars and fast paced choruses that take you want to jump for hours on end. The lyrics are also greatly enjoyable if somewhat silly in songs such You Don’t Know where the chorus refers to the lyrics in their tea, however, this makes the music even more fun and there is nothing wrong with music being fun, which is something missing from music today.

Youth Killed It finally gave some recognition to their fans and added: ‘You’re mint. Keep being that. You’re our OG’s from the golden days, stay sad and keep being our pals.’

You can purchase Welcome to the Sad Boys Club on iTunes now!

7/10 – Fun, Different, More To Come

Highlight – You Don’t Know


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